Case Studies & Exemplars

Find out what other companies have learned by mapping and managing their value chain.

Case Studies

  • NZ Post uniform
    New Zealand Post

    This case study shows how a business can use the Value Chain Guide to review existing projects and prioritise activities.

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  • Toyota
    Toyota NZ

    Discovering energy use risks and opportunities within Toyota New Zealands’s value chain.

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  • Wellington Zoo - Giraffe
    Wellington Zoo

    Examining two critical products in Wellington Zoo's value chain – how the guide helped them.

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  • BNZ

    This exemplar shows how a business can influence its upstream value chain.

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  • ecostore

    This is a product-based business taking practical steps to reduce the environmental impact of its products downstream.

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  • O-I New Zealand
    O-I Glass

    Using a life cycle assessment to compare the carbon footprint of its own product with a competitor’s.

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