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Certification & Eco-labelling

Helping customers make informed decisions through education, product certifications, and information on how to recycle and reuse.

Companies are increasingly using green claims to gain an advantage over their competitors. But if these claims aren't adequately articulated and verified it can leave customers and consumers feeling confused about what is better for society and the environment.

For example, they might find themselves wondering whether they should be choosing fair trade or environmental choice or organic products.

Certified eco-labels are used to communicate the different benefits of a product or service to consumers. Independent certification to a reputable standard can give customers more comfort that any claims made are accurate.  Eco-labels also reduce the time and effort consumers use to investigate the reliability of any claims.

OfficeMax provides description of many common eco-labels and is a good example of how retailers can help consumers understand their product criteria and the different accreditations they use, and be confident they are avoiding greenwash.

Some of the eco-labels being used in New Zealand include:

Overall environmental performance of a product or service:

A particular aspect of environmental performance: