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  Designing for Disassembly

Designing and manufacturing products that are easy to disassemble will mean they are easier to service, upgrade and reuse or recycle.

Design should be considered in both the upstream and downstream areas of the value chain. Global businesses such as Toyota, Interface and Unilever have a strong focus on designing and manufacturing their products for reuse or disassembly.

In New Zealand a number of businesses are already implementing this kind of thinking. For example, ecostore designs its packaging to include recycled materials, offers refills and bulk sizes and manufactures the only plastic trigger spray in New Zealand that contains no metal parts so that it can be fully recycled.

This concept and other useful information has been explained in this video by Autodesk:

Remember, it is often the consumers and/or service providers who will need to do the disassembling so it's important that you make sure they understand how the product can be serviced, reused or disposed of in the correct way.